Employee Pool


MCRS is seeking part time employee applications for IT positions, etc...Read More

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design

Graphic Designer Responsibilities Include: Scheduling project implementation and defining budget constraints Working with a wide range of media and using graphic design software Thinking creatively and developing new design concepts, graphics and layouts   Job brief...Read More

IT Field Technician

Field Technician

If you’re looking to work in a start-up technology environment with high amounts of collaboration and the opportunity to contribute in a fast growing team, look no further than Meade's PC Repair Shop, Inc!...Read More

WordPress Developer


Job Description   As a WordPress Developer at Meade’s PC Repair Shop, you will be working with a small and agile team made up of talented devs from all around the world. We work with git, chat on Slack and our team structure is flat and open. Self-motivated individuals tend to thrive best here, and we are looking for someone filled with inspiration and who isn't afraid to take initiative.  ...Read More